Driver Safety: 8 Items To Store In Your Glovebox

Those first few minutes after a collision are crucial. That’s why it’s important to keep a few items in your trunk and glove box for if and when you end up in a crash.

“Nobody plans on getting into an auto accident, but being prepared can put you in a much better position to protect your health and your right to obtain full and fair compensation,” said personal injury attorney David Kendall. “Take a few deep breaths and stay as calm as possible.”

Your smartphone becomes an invaluable device after a car crash, Kendall said. Use it to take pictures of the scene, vehicle damage, license plates, insurance cards and any other pertinent information relating to the accident. You can even record video interviews of witnesses to further document the event.

Kendall suggests some items that can be helpful to have in case of a minor collision.

  1. Notebook
  2. Automobile insurance card
  3. Emergency contacts list
  4. Pens (At least two, in case one is out of ink)
  5. First-aid kit (For minor bumps and scratches)
  6. Copy of insurance card
  7. Roadside assistance number, in case you need a tow
  8. Spare cell phone or a small camera (to take pictures of the damage)